2005 Celtel Congo                                                                 Pointe Noire, Congo B

National Implementation Manager Celtel Congo GSM Extension Project

  1. Celtel Network Expansion Project 2005

  2. Project Management for Siemens Equipment Deployment (2.5G)

  3. Change Out Siemens to Ericsson (CORE/BSS/NSS/TRM)

  4. Strategic Strategies and Execution of Network Planning

  5. Budget Allocation, Budget Control

  6. Network and Business Development Analysis and Projection

  7. Coordination with Government and NGO Officials

  8. Implementation of 50+ BTS Sites, Repeater Sites, VSAT and Cell Expander

  9. Celtel International Back Bone Roll Out (Link Africa)

  10. Site Acquisition, Civil Works, Telecom, Acceptance, Logistics

  11. Procurement, Accounting, Legal Support

  12. Subcontractor Handling, Analysis, Evaluation and Contract Negotiation

  13. Department Management/ Staff Management